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Did you know that you officially need to replace your tires when the tread is below 2/32" thick? And did you know that the distance between the edge of the penny and the top of Lincoln's head is exactly 2/32"?

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Most tires have "wear bars" that run across the tread pattern. When these become visible, connecting patters across your tire's tread, they serve as a warning that your tread is getting thin. Not all tires are designed the same, and sometimes you just need an extra test to know with confidence that it is time to replace your tires.

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There are easy steps that you can take to extend the life of your new tires. Keep your tires properly inflated to reduce extra friction and wear. Rotate your tires regularly to ensure they wear uniformly without creating bald spots. Have a periodic alignment performed. Treat your tires with care, following the recommended maintenance  can help them wear evenly so you get more miles out of every dollar. Stop by or schedule an appointment for tire inspection, rotation or replacement.

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